A Day in the Life

So what’s my days been like?  Busy.  No sitting in hammocks, having monkeys serving me mixed drinks in coconut shells like I thought the Peace Corps was (or should be).  Instead, I’m actually putting in hours on all end.  A typical day looks something like this

545am: Wake up as I hear the bread being delivered and hear the sales going on. Fall back to sleep

7am: Alarms start going off, enjoy breakfast of bread and coffee (three cups), watch a little TV.  The fam has learned that Mateo does not like to talk before he is done with his coffee

8am: Out the door to touch base with the school/health post/municipality about what’s going on and what I need them to do (copies, arrange a meeting, etc)

9am: At the secondary school, teaching boxing to about 20 kids who will be participating in exhibition matches for the school’s anniversary celebration

11am: Leave the school, go follow up with whoever I was visiting in the morning to make sure it’s in motion. Prepare for afternoon

12:30/1pm: Lunch, possibly with family if I’m not going to my annexes

1:30pm: Wait for bus to get go out to my annexes (the farthest is 25 miles away, the closest is 20 miles away)

2:30ish: Arrive in annexes, talk with health promoters.  Either house visits our set up for a charla

3pm: Visiting houses and talking with families, or in an education session

5pm: Catch the bus back to site

5:30pm: Arrive at site, go home and relax

7pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Prep for the morning or meeting with a local contractor about my bathroom design

9:30pm/10pm: Lights out, hasta mañana