DC Staging

So first of all...I'm in DC safely....   I stayed with friends in Baltimore and took a train out to Washington DC today.   Although it wasn't as easy as planned.  I walked about a mile with all my stuff (about 50-60lbs worth) to a metro station in Baltimore, got on the rail, and then found out the rail didn't go EXACTLY to my station.  So I had to hike it about three-four more blocks or so to Penn Station and wait for a train.   Got into DC and waited for a train, got on and whatdoya know but someone allegedly got hit by a train a stop or two before mine.   So I hopped off the light rail, and hiked it about six blocks to the hotel, dripping in sweat but feeling accomplished.  But the moment I walked in, there were other PCT waiting who were not really interested in my harrowing story (okay, so not really harrowing or dramatic, but I had story!!!).  Beyond that, registration went okay.  As did 'orientation', which was explaining our fears, aspirations, and the rules of the PC.   Nothing to really write home about except that there were 60 of us (three groups of about 20), which surprised me. There's a lot of us loading onto the bus tomorrow.

After orientation, myself and a few other PCTs went to a bar to eat and watch the Steeler game.  While the crowd was good, the other PCTs wanted to go back to the hotel while myself and one other PCT decided to head to another Steeler bar to watch the game.  It was kinda cool actually...the bar had a 'special' of I.C. Light for $2.50 (those from Pittsburgh are probably saying what???).  Myself and the other PCT talked with some other ex-Pittsburghers in DC and mentioned that we were Peace Corps and leaving tomorrow and it might be the last Steeler game we saw.  Everyone we met was really cool and fun for the most part. In fact, I met/saw two people I graduate high school with.  What a coincidence!  I think it just proves the idea of the Steeler nation.  We're everywhere!

We head out at 8am tomorrow, but I'm a leader so I have to make sure everyone's there, plus a few small tidbits not mentioning here.  So we head off to Miami tomorrow at 1:15, and we leave from Miami to Peru at 5:15.  We're expected to arrive around 9-10ish, with a crew of current PCV waiting and greeting us.  It should be an interesting experience for sure.  And to continue on a lifelong tradition, here is your Bon Jovi Thursday link...salud!


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