The life of a Peace Corps volunteer is an odd one.  Early in the week, I had a lady in one of my farming annexes spread rumors I work for local politicians and that people shouldn't trust me.  And then later in the same week, I'm standing with two other volunteers and 50,000 Peruvians at a Bon Jovi concert in Lima.

After a few logistical mishaps and trying to figure out how to get into our section, we arrived inside the stadium just as the Bon Jovi entrance music was beginning.  Our tickets were in the semi-cheap section (the most expensive section cost one month's living allowance), and pretty far away, but we could still see the stage, screens, and Mr. Jon Bon Jovi and Dr. Richie Sambora.  

And impressively enough, contrary to how Latin America typically works (and rock and roll shows), it started right on time...the show was listed at 9pm on the ticket, and sure enough Bon Jovi was on stage at 9:00pm (the opening act started at 8).  Mr. Bon Jovi and crew rocked on for over two hours, including a few newer songs bit mostly the classics.  The best part was sharing Jovi chanting moments with about 50,000 Peruvians.

Let it be known that Peruvians love Bon Jovi.


Trujillo said...

Definitely they do love Bon Jovi!! Great show!

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