What to do…what to do?


It’s summertime, and as I posted before, there’s a pretty big lapse in demand for my labors.  Well, I could teach summer school but I figured might as well take a breather.  After all, I’ll be pretty busy in the coming weeks and months – building bathrooms, health promotion in schools, and possibly doing another bathroom project. 

In the mornings, I’ll go and check my e-mail at the health post, coordinate some things (Peace Corps anniversary, site visits from APCD and Washington big-wigs, hosting Peace Corps training events), but there’s still a gaping hole in my schedule, especially in the afternoon.  So what’s a guy to do?


+ Take a nap!

+ Watch movies/TV: Even the most productive Peace Corps volunteers are guilty of watching entire seasons of a TV show in a few days. 

+ (shudders) Exercise (it took me three times to spell that word right).  I’m currently on week 4 of a 90 day workout plan called P90X

+ Read

+ Being a nerd and reviewing my macro-economics textbook

+ Download articles, save them to my hard drive in the morning and read them in the afternoon


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