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Most likely you’re reading this blog because you a) know me personally  b) found this on Peace Corps journals and are thinking of joining the Peace Corps c) found this on Peace Corps journals and are coming to Peru

While reading stuff about Peace Corps and Peru is all well and good, it’s important to look a little bit more into development and the complexity of the issues. Before service, I recommend that future volunteers check out the following blogs on development to get a fuller (haha) sense of development beyond buzzwords, Bono, and Kristoff:

Tales From the Hood – Highly recommended, filled with insights and accounts by the author
Good Intentions Are Not Enough – What is Bad Aid?

Texas in Africa – Mix between narrative and academic, focus on Africa (duh)
Wait... What? -
How Matters – For the granola developmentalist
Find What Works – Grad school student blog, mostly academic focus
AidWatch – The Papa Bear of development blogs, mostly academic 
UN Dispatch Blog Role

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like
Hand Relief International


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