Dusting out the cobwebs

Sure is quiet over in these parts….

There’s been a hiatus of posts around here.  What happened? Unlike most of my cohorts from Peru 14, I’m still here in Peru. I’m still a Peace Corps Volunteer.  But most of you reading this probably already knew this. 

So why the lapse? No real good reason, really.  There’s always a million excuses. Maybe it had to do with me working at a computer full time, thus throwing off the shin of sitting down to churn out blog posts? Maybe it was that I was living in the big city, and had many other bright shiny distractions? Could be.

But I’ve, in a way, missed writing here.  Blogging during my first two years allowed a more analytical side to come out. It allowed me to keep writing (something I did a ton of at Wooster), making it easier to jot out entries.  But after lapsing for so long,   it’s hard to get motivation and jump over the first big hurdle to anything – starting. So I avoided it.  It’s usually easier to not do something, right?

This isn’t a vow to return to blogging, nor is it me waving goodbye.  I’m planning to stick around Peru for a little whiles longer, but more on that later. Maybe, if I get around to it.


Panama Jack said...

Hey Matt,

My name is Jack, I'm a recent RPCV from PC Panama. Myself and two other RPCVs are doing a project where we use PCV sites and inspired experiences as tourist destinations worldwide. Check us out at www.keteka.com.

If you think your site or any other off the beaten path destination around you could benefit from tourism, you can load the site at www.keteka.com/community.

Enjoy your extension!

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