Peruvian Government Holidays

Reason # 763 why Peru is actually pretty great and has their s*** together.

The government released it's list of public sector holidays and beyond just having off for the normal government holidays, they also have two or three long weekends planned.  Why? To encourage in-country tourism!

The first "feriado largo" is this Monday and Tuesday, to allow for a long weekend for people traveling in Peru for carnavales - a pretty big event here in Peru.  While not as uhhhh fabulous(?) as Brazil, carnavales are popular here in Peru, especially in the sierra (mountain) regions in the central and northern parts of the country.  Cajamarca is probably the most-widely known and copied, where all day Saturday people throw paint all over each other, all throughout the town and the streets.  It's a mess! And who likes taking a night bus on Friday, getting there grumpy on Saturday only to have to sleep one night in a hostel and then return on a bus Sunday exhausted. Mondays suck a little bit harder after that kind of trip.

I'm not sure how great an effect this feriado will have, as a lot of people didn't really know about it until recently, but regardless it'll be appreciated by all !


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