Peru and Tourism

The World Economic Forum just released their yearly "Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report" which reviews roughly 140 in all aspects of tourism - environment, sites, infrastructure, safety/security, price/cost.

Peru came in around the middle of the pack (73rd overall).  From the report:

"Peru is ranked 13th in the region, placing 73rd overall. Peru’s natural and cultural resources remain important assets for the tourism industry. The country has one of the richest fauna in the world (3rd) and hosts several natural and cultural World Heritage sites. Peru has seen a continuous growth in tourist arrivals and international flights, even during the global recession.  The effectiveness of marketing and branding to promote the T&T sector shows improvement, and government spending on the industry has increased slightly. However, in order to raise its T&T competitiveness further, safety and security must be improved (118th) and ground transport infrastructure must be upgraded (121st). Additionally, the country has lost some price competitiveness because of higher general and tourism specific taxation, most notably the high ticket taxes and airport charges (where the country ranks 135th). A more in-depth analysis of the performance of the T&T competitiveness of Peru will be conducted in a dedicated publication to be issued in April 2013, on occasion of the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2013."

Not really new information here.  Roadways could stand to be improved, and things are just that much more expensive at tourist destinations such as Cusco.  But more importantly, security is a big thing.  Not even in terms of an upcoming revolution, but violent crimes such as assaults, robberies, attempted kidnapping, and rape are becoming more common (or at least getting reported moreso).  Just this morning, there was a reported rape on an American tourist in Arequippa, and there was a string of incidents here in Trujillo the past month.


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